The scope of a Musical Director’s role is huge. Ultimately it’s their duty to translate the Artist’s vision from studio to stage, setting the precedent from the off and maintaining this high standard for the duration of a campaign.

There are many contributing factors to the longevity, success and happiness of an Artist’s campaign and it’s the duty of the Musical Director to work closely with the entire team (management, label, crew, musicians) overseeing the checks and balances to ensure the operation runs smoothly, on time, on budget and within the parameters set.

Duties Include:

  • Ongoing discussions with Artist, Management and Label, establishing, reviewing and revising the vision and focus of a campaign.

  • Communicating with the Producers and Engineers, interpreting the recorded arrangements and translating for live.

  • The purchase of appropriate hardware, equipment and technology to best replicate original sounds.

  • The programming of backing tracks, in Ableton or a similar DAW, Kempers, Keyboards, Samplers, pedalboards and electronic drums.

  • The casting and hiring of appropriate musicians.

  • Working closely with the Sound Engineers, Playback Operators, Lighting designers and Choreographers.

  • Working closely with TV and Radio Broadcast engineers to guarantee quality of live sessions.

  • Negotiating and invoicing fees on behalf of session musicians.